Pastors Zac & Jincy are ourSenior Leaders to Living Hope Church, Havercroft (Now renamed Solid Rock Havercroft)

We would like to Welcome you to come and join us at our church and be a part of a missional culture that makes     Relevance!  Our No.1 quality  service  we offer is #friendship                  

In 2009 we entered into a new purpose built building through a land exchange deal totally debt free. We are based in an ex-mining community and the only church in the community of  Havercroft, Wakefield in West Yorkshire 

We are the Living Hope Church established on the 16th of March 1960Our Vision is to connect with our Community with the purpose to 

Exalt God, Equip People & Excel Life!

Our Senior Pastors Zac & Jincy Zachariah have re-purposed the church & been serving for the last 12 years Imparting vision & direction. Developing & leading the church into a new culture with an arena of opportunities!

 Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF4 2HQ
| Tel: (+44) 01226725544

We are a part of the Assemblies of God, Great Britain